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DingDingMeow - Beef & Carrot (High nutritious)1 week pack


W20cm x H30 cm x D8

by 叮叮貓新鮮製天然貓糧 Sales

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  • Origin: 香港

Product Details

Beef & Carrot Fresh Cat Meal (21 meals)

Nutritious Beef - especially good for cats need plenty of good nutrition and picky cats 

We use 100% human grade high quality beef, beef liver and beef heart.  
Cook in rich beef broth with purified water. Add in cooked carrot puree and eggs. 

Enriched with USA qualified PhD Veterinary Nutritionist custom prescribed 

cat essential supplements: Calcium, Taurine, Vitamins and Minerals


Beef & Carrot Meal is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the  

AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles & FEDIAF standards for All Life Stages. 

Complete and Balanced


Freshly handmade daily in Hong Kong licensed food factory 


~95% beef meat and beef organs, rich in natural animal protein, fat and nutrient

~80% moisture from beef broth, provide sufficient daily moisture requirement for cats

~Beef meat is super nutritious  especially good for cats need plenty of good nutrition. 

~Rich in protein, easy to digest and absorb

~Natural animal fat, provide sufficient of energy and fuel

~Rich in iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, vitamin A and 11 essential amino acids, plenty of Niacin (vitamin B3) good for bone development, maintain good skin, strengthen immune system and help muscle growth

~Carrot rich in dietary fiber, carotene and vitamin A, help for smooth bowel movement

~Beef liver and beef heart supply natural taurine for cat essential needs

~Fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids, relief skin allergy, depression, arthritis, strengthen immune system and maintain strong heart


"Beef natural aroma increase cats appetite, great for picky cats"

~No preservatives, No meat by product, No gum, No grain, No wheat, No food additive~

Prevent kidney disease, urinary tract disease, heart disease and diabetes


Meat Pate

- fine meat texture, easy to eat

- especially for with baby teeth kitten and senior cat with gum & mouth disease and no teeth


Beef , Beef Broth cooked in purified water, Carrot, Egg, Beef Liver, Beef Heart,  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Kelp, Veterinary Nutritionist Supplement Formula: Calcium Carbonate, Phosphorous, Taurine, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin E 


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein –  12.61 %

Crude Fat –  4.77 %

Fiber – 0.34 %

Moisture – 80.8 %

Ash – 0. 69 %

Calcium – 0.27 %

Phosphorus – 0.21 % (213 mg / 100 kcal )

Cal : Phos  1.29 : 1

Taurine –  0.2%

Calorie – 99  kcal / 100 g


Serving Method:

1. Store in freezer

2. Put required meal packs to cooler one night in advance for defrost

3. Put defrosted meal pack into a glass of hot water to warm it up. Once the font on the Heat Sensitive label disappeared, the meal pack is ready to eat

4. Open pack to serve 

*For best quality of meal, suggest to finish feeding of defrosted meal within 2 hours.  The unfinished fresh meal can be wrapped with plastic film or silicone lid and store in cooler for the next meal time


Feeding Instruction:

Adult Cat:  2 or 3 meal per day (total 3 meal packs)

Kittens and Nursing Cat: 4 - 5 meal pack per day


Each individual pack net weight 70 gram < all handmade may be slightly weight difference >

Please frozen store at - 18°c  store up to 3 months


Feeding Transition Method:

Gradually introduce DingDingMeow Fresh Cat Food to your cat

1st day: DingDingMeow Fresh Food 1/4 pack + original food 75%

2nd day: DingDingMeow Fresh Food 1/3 pack + original food 60%

3rd day: DingDingMeow Fresh Food 1/2 pack + original food 50%

4th day: DingDingMeow Fresh Food 3/4 pack + original food 25%

5th day: DingDingMeow Fresh Food 1 whole pack 


Warm Reminder:

*If pet have long term medical condition, please consult your veterinarian for advice before use

*As cat need time to adapt new food, cat may not has poo poo or soft poo in the first few days, this is normal condition.


High Quality Food:

*We are proudly to announce our factory is licensed with Food Factory Licence issued by HK Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, to manufacture human and pet food

**All our fresh meal plastic bags are verified by  world leading verification and certification company, SGS Hong Kong, to meet Europe food safety standard: safe to reheat in hot water, store in low temperature, safe to heat seal and does not release any heavy metal or harmful material. Safe for food products


One Week Pack: 21 meal pack

One Week Packing size: 20 cm width, 30 cm height, 8 cm depth

Minimal packing design to save storage space in freezer.


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